Loki Verdict : SUPERHIT

First episode: 09 June 2021

Created by: Michael Waldron

No of Episodes: 6










Loki is a brand new American show based on the characters of Marvel Comics directed by Kate Herron streaming only on Disney+Hotstar. The show starring Tom hiddleston as Loki explains some unanswered questions of AVENGERS:ENDGAME in 2019. It is the third limited series of MARVEL STUDIOS after Wandavision and The falcon and the winter soldier and a part of Phase IV of Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The story of the show continues after the Loki escaped with tesseract in AVENGERS:ENDGAME and created a whole new timeline due to variation in past events. He was then arrested by TVA agents for the crime manipulating the original timeline. As story proceeds further, he checks out the place and find it the most high commanding place in the whole universe. The story gives a perfect logical explanation to every question that appeared to MCU fans. Also, the story has many unexpected twists and one of the major twist was drastic change in loki’s behaviour.

Loki: Episode 5 Review - IGN

The direction of MCU shows is always outstanding and unbelievable. It was the first time for Kate Herron, the director, to direct the whole show but had done a wonderful job and did not disappoint the MCU fans. The world of TVA is very high commanding and depicted as a common office.


Loki Cast

Undoubtedly, Tom Hiddleston as Loki is the most loved character in the whole show. His skills are excellent and his character is very different and handled the show one handedly with his charm and funny scenes. Sophia as Sylvie is also very attractive with his role in the show. She has companied the Tom in the success of the show. Owen and Gugu as TVA agents have done a wonderful acting throughout. Bonding of Tom and Owen in the show is much liked by the fans. The role of different lokis as child, boastful, classical are very funny and interesting too. Also, the voice of Tara as Miss. Minutes is nice.

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