Release date: 28th May 2021

Genre: Crime, Fantasy, Dramas

Writer: Tom Kapinos

No of Episodes: 8

Ott Platform: Netflix









LUCIFER Season-5 (episodes 9-16) released on 28th May of this year which was much awaited by Lucifer fans after season-5 episode-8’s surprising ending. Undoubtedly, the second half of the season is more entertaining than its first half and fantastic acting by Tom Ellis aka Lucifer Morningstar will make you happy till the end of the season.

Mainly, the story line revolves around the father-son bond between lucifer and god and their lucifer’s issues with his father. We get to know a lot about Amenadiel and Lucifer with the entry of their father. There are some pacing issues and some unexpected choices by our favourite characters, but overall storyline is good.

The writers have bested them to carry on the flow of the season after god’s arrival and they got success in doing that. All the dialogues, twists and musicals in between are incredible. God’s cool behavior depicted by them is just perfect and very much impressing.

The director has done a perfect job in different crime scenes, in musicals and so on. The chemistry between Lucifer and Chloe was perfect and very well shown by him.

Although more than half of each episode goes in the new crime story, no one will lose interest in the show as their perfect gripping. My favorite episode would be the episode-10 “Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam”.


Undoubtedly, Tom Ellis has done a perfect job from the start of the series. His charm and the one and only dialogue “Hello, Detective” is most loved by the audience. His acting is unbelievable and seems so real. Not only Lucifer but Chloe too has done a excellent job there. She has bested herself in every romantic and dramatic scenes. Also, the character of God is very well played by Dennis Haysbert. His cool character and humor was really unexpected by the ending of first half. Other characters like Amenadiel, Mazikeen, Linda etc. have also done a wonderful job. They have fully supported the main characters by their impressive acting.

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