Release date: 13 May 2021

Ott Platform: ZEE 5

Director: Prabhu Deva

Music by: B; Devi Sri Prasad ‘; Sanchit Balhara; Ankit Balhara;

Songs: Sajid–Wajid;

Produced by: Salman Khan; Sohail Khan; Atul Agnihotri; Nikhil Namit








Radhe is an unbearable film which lack almost everything thats needed to make a decent film and looks like a collage of some random scenes put in a sync. Right From entry scene to climax the film is absolutely dull and among the laziest film in salman khan’s career. There isn’t an iota of thoughts put in any scene of the film & it keeps jumping from one scene to another without making a bit of sense.

The storyline of the film is full of cliches with same cop against gangster cat n mouse theme without any novelity factor. Though, I wasn’t watching the film for any technical logic & treated it as a Masala entertainer but the it even lacks the basic sense that’s obviously required to keep audience interested. The screenplay is also chaotic and shattered into pieces. Furthermore, there is no character development in the film, forget about the development, there is not a single character thats even trying to make sense for his existence.

There is absolutely no Backstory for anything, no explanation for any of the happenings. No chemistry between any characters.In addition, there is no build up for any scenes. In fact if you try to connect the dots and subplots of the film, every one of them are going in different directions. Except the hilarious dialogues, you can laugh for the worst entry scene for salman khan, 90’s game level vfx, bland chemistry between Disha & Salman, their first meeting & absurb proposal scene. There should be no love story in anyone’s life if it looks like this.


Above all Salman khan himself never looked in form & delivered a lazy performance. Jackie’s role is a disrespect to the senior artist. Disha Patani also looks irritating in her terrible screen space. However, Randeep hooda is strictly good. Even the action sequences of the film are really bad except one or two. The camera work is immature & tilts so many times. Terrible Climax is the final nail in coffin. WEAKEST SALMAN’S FILM IN RECENT TIMES.

Overall, an another wake up call to the fans to stop praising the mediocre in the name of admirers & force him to think about working with the deserving directors or Be ready for Upcoming Farhad Samji’s Masterpiece.

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