First episode date: 5 June 2015

Director: Amit Golani

Ott Platform: TVF Play App

Number of episodes: 5

Number of seasons: 1

Producer: Arunabh Kumar









Pitchers is a mini web series with 5 episodes created by TVF and produced by Arunabh Kumar. It was released in 2015 and hence was a huge success with large no of fans still. At first, all the episodes were available on You tube but now it is currently streaming on TVF Play app.

The story revolves around four friends along with their struggles and sacrifices to make their start-up idea a success. The storyline is very good and intriguing. In addition, show is equally interesting and funny which is great. However the show is made to attract young entrepreneurs but on the other hand, everyone loved the show. Screenplay is also very well written.

The cinematography of the show is also nice thus making it a treat to watch.  The director, Amit Golani has done a fantabulous job. Above all, dialogues are effective and funny. At last, the BGM is excellent and can be listened on loop.


The cast of the show have beautifully played their part equally. Naveen Kasturia has acted very well during the whole show. Also, Jitendra Kumar is good as always. Arunabh Kumar and Abhay Mahajan are both surprisingly fantastic and funny.

To sum up, Pitchers is nice show and a must watch for all young entrepreneurs.    

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